forever & always, FTK

I just got out of my last THON meeting as a student, and I can’t believe it. I have watched this organization grow so much the past 4.5 years and to not be a direct part of it is going to be very hard to get used to. Of course, I’ll still keep in contact, go to events and keep in touch with our families, but it’s not the same.  Being involved in THON was the best decision I made during my entire college career. It helped me grow, gave me some of the most incredible experiences, introduced me to the strongest families ever, and made me some of the best friends I’ll ever have.  I didn’t join THON for my own personal gain, I joined because I wanted to make a difference, and help people that are going through something so terrible. I never would have thought that I would meet people who meant so much to me and that was just a bonus to helping out an amazing cause.

THON becomes a part of you. Sitting in Room 8 Sutherland, watching the executive board run the meeting I got emotional thinking about how I won’t be as hands on as I have been these past years. THON has become family, whether someone is a second-year member or new, we all are there together fighting the same fight.

I cannot thank the returning members of fall 2008 enough for seeing a shy freshman on New Student Day not knowing how the next few years were going to go and taking her under their wings. When someone asks me about my college experience, THON will always be the number one thing I talk about. The moment I was introduced to THON, I fell in love and I will forever be a THONer, forever FTK.


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