CCSG Draws Me To An Incredible History

The Council of Commonwealth Student Government weekend was great. And so is the incredible history I discovered at University Park. This skeleton is that of a horse that helped build Old Main, one of the oldest buildings in the university. It is very kind and thoughtful of founders of Penn State to preserve the remains of this horse.

It’s good to see a horse not just looked upon as a tool and accessory to putting up a structure but preserved as part of the history of a great university. I believe a great honor has been done to this horse. His spirit will be pleased with this honor. Presently, it teaches us how horses were part of our efforts in building our society. Another reminder that we have come a long way, creating other sophisticated tools and machinery in executing our our societal goals, due to technology.

On the other hand, it was educating and socially advancing to meet student leaders of all commonwealth campuses of Penn State. This shows how unified the university is and the outcome of such meetings is always beneficial to the entire student body and to our community as a whole. Once again I am proud of being part of this great course. WE ARE………….


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