SGA Retreat at Eastern State Penitentiary

This time the SGA  retreat was off campus and was a tour at the Eastern State Penitentiary in center city Philadelphia. Just like other SGA events, it gave me an opportunity to know the existing members better, and get to know the new members as well. And to me it goes even further to indicate my consistency in contributing my quota to making SGA and Penn State Abington a better choice for all.

The retreat was good in such way that it makes one compare prisons in the 1880s and the modern day prison structure. I remember the prison tour staff saying the doors to the prisons were made shorter because people in those days were relatively shorter. And part of the reason was also to bring down cost of construction. It also makes one realize the change in punishment level. According to pictures showed to us and from tour staff, inmates during the 1880s were subject to various forms of punishments in prison and mostly carried out in public. The sort of punishments carried out would be considered as torture in today’s society.

Good people of the time had to speak out against the types of punishments before it was reviewed and it was adjusted periodically up to what we see now I believe. Seeing those prison cells makes one realize the consequences of committing criminal activity, therefore striving to be law abiding and being a productive member of the society.


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