The Reward is in the Greater Picture

Being heavily involved in THON for the past few years, I have seen plenty of people lose track of why they truly are involved.  I think this happens with many different organizations besides THON, and it is actually kind of sad and disappointing, but for this post I’m going to use THON as the example.

Me & Abington’s THON child Gab my freshman year (Fall 08)

People join THON because of what it stands for; no not the actual letters T-H-O-N, but that it stands for hope and the chance of a cure or better yet: courage, wisdom, honesty and strength. They join because they want to help families going through pediatric cancer have an easier journey, to show them that they are not alone, and to provide the proper care.

You don’t join an organization for the “rewards”, you don’t join it to brag that you’re such a good person; you do it because you care about others and really want to help.  You don’t join THON because you think it would be cool to dance for 46 hours, and to get the gifts that could come your way, that is an honor that you are given, not something you do because it’s the “cool thing to do”.

I just wanted to remind you all to not get lost in the mix.  The reward for helping out a cause such as THON, is knowing that you are making a difference in a child’s life, and in their whole families’ lives.  The reward is seeing the fundraising total in February being over $10 million.  It’s not about what you get, it’s about how you have helped other people. Keep that in mind and the honor of a personal “reward” may come your way, but that should not be the driving factor in your actions.

In THON we say, FTK, For The Kids – because THAT is who we are doing this for, not for ourselves.


One response to “The Reward is in the Greater Picture

  1. I absolutely loved this blog! THON is all FOR THE KIDS and that’s how it should be forever & always. Remembering why you do this shouldn’t be that hard and its honestly a shame when people get too wrapped up in their own lives to remember what FTK truly stands for.

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