Thanksgiving With Eric Jones Family

ThanksgivingIndeed, Thanksgiving is one of America’s great holidays. It is a unifying holiday that brings all Americans together irrespective of  differences in religion, culture, and ethnicity. This is my second Thanksgiving in America, and I enjoyed it more this time. In a season when families get together, feast and make merry, one could only wish to be with his family. But unfortunately for someone like myself and other students, one may just have to embrace loneliness and eat instead of feast.

Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving with the family of my friend Eric Jones. Eric is the president of the table tennis club at Penn State Abington. At the family residence in Ambler, Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to meet the entire family and had a taste of delicious homemade American dishes. It was the kind of atmosphere that makes you have a sense of belonging. Everyone was generous to me, and I was treated same as any other member of the family. Everyone shared their perspective of American life and expressed their opinion on how such a gathering impacted positively on strengthening their family relationships. Everyone seemed to have brought for discussion their current position at wherever they are, be it school or work. And in relation to that, ideas were exchanged to the benefit of all.

To me, it drove away that feeling of not having family close to me in America since I could find a family that accepts me as a member and have me on the same dining table to feast and share love on one of America’s great holidays. I sincerely expressed my gratitude to the entire family of Eric Jones with a special “thank you” to Eric himself. Prior to this, there was a Thanksgiving feast held on campus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to making it successful.

I hope and believe everyone had a blissful Thanksgiving. Anything that unites people is worth pursuing. And I believe the foundation of this is good civilization and education. I end with this proverb, “If you want to feed people for a year plant rice. If you want to feed people for a decade plant trees, but if you want to feed people for a lifetime, educate them”.


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