Time and Tide Wait for no Man

The semester started slowly, but it is almost over at this point. For me, the cross-country season also accounted for why it went unnoticeably faster. It may be difficult to concentrate on both and excel. However, it is attainable with hard work and dedication. I make sure I concentrate in class when lectures are given, and I get the maximum understanding of the materials so it becomes easier to study later. And also having the state of mind that makes me think academic first then every other activity on campus comes next helps me focus more and aids me in maximizing my capacity for success.

At this point, one should know how his or her academic standing would look like when the semester ends. If not completely, at least from the aggregate of one’s performance from the start of the semester to this point, one could foretell how his or her grades would be, not to say there isn’t room for a change and improvement. The remaining coursework, quizzes and final exams would definitely play a major role in determining one’s overall GPA by the end of the semester. It may have started slowly, but it has moved with a quicker pace and it has almost ended. You have to take advantage of the wind when it blows your way, for in no time it could change direction. And one could be left behind with so much to accomplish. It could lead to stress and disappointment at semester end. So even though it is more than halfway through, it is not too late to take the necessary steps to improve ones academic standing and achieve a desirable and satisfactory results by semester end.


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