Inspire Tomorrow’s Miracles

Yesterday, two of my friends and I went to the new Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey! It was an amazing day and probably the best way that I could have started off my Thanksgiving break. I was able to see the whole hospital and what the $10 million that Penn State THON raised went to. It’s an unbelievable building, and it’s great knowing that sick kids and their families will be able to have some comfort when dealing with a stressful time. It is colorful and interactive, and I’m still so proud to know that I played some part in making this happen through my work with THON! All day we basically got to just walk around and have hospital staff explain what different rooms were being used for, which was awesome. Every time one of them noticed one of our THON shirts they would stop us and say thank you for the time that we give. Not only did we get to see the hospital but also we were able to see and talk to a bunch of different THON friends from University Park as well as Four Diamonds Families. I love talking to the families so much because it’s always a reminder why we work so hard to raise money. Their strength is unlike anything in the world and seeing the kids smile when they talk about THON makes me so happy. Every time I experience things like this it makes me Penn State proud and in the 32 days left until graduation I hope to have more experiences like this one!

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