Picking Up the Pieces

Dark clouds rolled in from the coast, winds picked up speed, and trees began to fall.

As Hurricane Sandy loomed large over the town of Abington, our beautiful campus was in for its fair share of changes.  The walkways, usually brimming with students, were barren.  Professors sent out emails left and right, cancelling classes.  Then it happened; university officials shut down the campus for a few days.  Surely, some students were sitting at home in their pajamas, sipping hot cocoa, wondering, “How are we gonna make up all the missed work?  How do we pick up the pieces of our semester?”

ImageIn high school, if you missed an extended period of time because of weather, you had to make it up in the summer.  So what about college?  Are we going to spill over into winter break?  Will our Thanksgiving break be condensed?  The simple answer to these questions is “no”.

Because of credit hour restrictions and a bunch of technical jargon that I don’t even pretend to comprehend, school is only in session for a predetermined time.  Professors will look to make lectures more engrossing, to cover more information in the allotted time, in an effort to avoid removing material from the curriculum.  They may even cut out certain assignments that can’t be completed.

To the student that doesn’t like to do more than the minimum amount of work (just about every student), this seems like a great scenario.  What it may actually mean, though, is that the assignments already completed may have more weight in determining a final semester grade.  So, while it seems awesome to not have class, it’s basically a wash.

This scenario is not uncommon – missing class because of weather – especially in the winter months, when our part of the country gets pelted with snow.  So get ready for some time off, people…but don’t be scared.  Everything will work out in the end.


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