The EID Brought Us Together

EIDFor several weeks, I and other students leaders have been putting in much effort to bring the Eid program to life. Indeed, our efforts have been fruitful. The event was great, and the turnout was magnificent. The Muslim Students demonstrated their will to tolerate other students with different religion and culture. The Eid had always been celebrated solely by the Muslim Students on campus, but this time they co-celebrated with Hillel the Jewish club, the South Asian Students Association (SASA) and the Penn State African Students Association (PASA). Being the president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), I can only thank the other clubs very much for accepting the offer to join us in the celebration of an event that symbolyzes obedience, respect, sharing, loving and tolerance. Muslims around the world make sacrifices of animals like camels, sheeps, cows and goats to share with family and friends. They also go out in mass gathering to pray, indicating unity and equality of all before God.

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I believe Abington deserves an opportunity to know the Islamic culture and norms through its own students who have proven and determined to teach all and sundry that Islam means peace and it represents peace. We believe this attitude, if extended to our various communities would help maintain peace and restore peace back to places where roots of peace have been uprooted. We hope to champion this course. On behalf of the MSA, I would like to extend my gratitude to Prof. Leland Louis Bowie, who is a lecturer at Abington, for being our guest speaker. His speech was fruitful, and it enriched our minds. I also extend my gratitude to Tracy Reed and Gina Kaufman for their direction and support. It could not have been successful without them. To the Student Activity Fee (SAF) board we say a big thank you for sponsoring this event and helping us to making Abington a breeding ground for producing good leaders for the society. And thank you to everyone who contributed to making this a success. To us, unity and tolerance are journeys, and we have found their path so we will continue.


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