The American Dream… What’s it to ya?

In my English senior seminar class today we were discussing the American Dream, and what it really means to achieve it.  Is it being rich and famous or is it living a content life with love and happiness? To what level do we need certain things to think we obtained the American dream?

We were given two different poles in the class from years ago to show what a survey of random people thought living the American dream meant, I don’t have the exact quotes but I’ll tell you what I remember.  In both the poles, the first two most popular answers were about freedom. Freedom of speech and the ability to do what one wants to do when they want to do it and stuff like that. Money came in third with financial stability for them and their children. I think there can be many different details that go into the American dream for people, however putting it into one word I would say happiness.

To me, I’m currently living the American Dream for a person my age.  I have a house to live in, food to eat; I go to college, have a caring family and am in a fulfilling relationship. As I get older, that dream will change for me and it will be something like owning my home, having a job that I enjoy, and a family that I love.

What do you consider the American Dream?


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