In 64 days I will be a Penn State graduate, but until then I have a lot to do. As part of my internship, one of my responsibilities is running Fall Fest. I have been so lucky to get an amazing team. I have been so impressed with how hard they are working to make this week awesome.

Fall Fest takes place November 5th-9th! Here is a sneak peek of what is to come:

Monday- Nittany Food Network: Take part in an Abington food eating challenge and a Cupcake Wars Decorating Contest

Tuesday- Real People, Real Stories, Real Monologues: The theatre club will be performing monologues, poetry, and spoken word pieces.

Wednesday- True Life: 100 Days ‘Til THON: In the afternoon THON and COW will hold a teaser to meet the contestants of Next Top Lion and that night the contestants will compete for the title!

Thursday- Reality TV Mashup: Be a part of America’s Next Top Model, Making the Band, Miami Ink and many other Reality Shows. You also always don’t want to miss the world premier of The Real World: Abington. You may even make an appearance!

Friday- Live From The Red Carpet: Casino Night: Keep an eye out for ticket sales because you aren’t going to want to miss this night!

Like the Facebook page to get more updates!


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