Unity Among Students at Abington

UnityWhere ever there is unity, there is always peace. The peaceful environment of Penn State Abington can be completely attributed to the great deal of unity among students on campus. Nothing feels better than trying to do something to strengthen this unity. I cannot wait for October 25 for the Muslim Student Association event called Eid. This event will be held with three other clubs on campus, South Asian Students Association (SASA), Penn State African Students Association (PASA) and HILLEL. One can imagine the number of students that will be involved by the number of clubs participating. And this can only solidify the unity and friendliness among students on campus.

Even though this event is an annual celebration by the Muslims and they had always celebrated it on campus, this time we decided to showcase our unity by having the event with more than one club. The aim is to create and maintain a middle ground where students with different backgrounds and cultures can come and share ideas and emphasize those elements that bring us together so that unity and peace is attained. And we believe that if this attitude is extended to society, it would help maintain peace and unity. Especially, in times when there seems to be so many cracks in the pillars of unity in our society. And most of these cracks result from cultural and religious differences. We hope to reassure ourselves that despite the differences we have, we share certain things in common and we can emphasize that in order to co-exist peacefully.’One tree never makes a forest” and “No society has ever won a battle on one man’s shoulder”.


One response to “Unity Among Students at Abington

  1. Nice blog man! Keep it up with the proverbs. I agree with your statements about peace and unity at Abington. Also, I was invited to Eid and I will definitely show up and support these clubs 🙂

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