Friendship and Connections in Abington

One of the things that makes Abington the sweetest campus is the presence of determined wills to make friendship and to create connections. If you find yourself being lonely then you didn’t take a simple step to saying ‘hi’. If you say ‘hi’, ‘how are you’ will be said to you and that could be the starting point of a lasting friendship you will always want to live and enjoy.
You could even build a relation beyond friendship if you wish to do so. Depending on your future plans and projections, you can find similar thoughts and ideas in friends you associate yourself with. And that calls for networking and connections that are vital for progression academically and socially.
To some students, it is an avenue to explore the possibilities of choosing a life partner. If you find someone attractive and you cannot tell them, you may have to swallow your thoughts and confessions. For those who express there feelings to those attracted to them have succeeded in starting a relationship. However, you must be ready to face the consequences. He who decides to walk in a rain must be prepared to get wet. Be it friendships, associations or connections, Abington continues to be an avenue for learning beyond class room lectures.


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