Simply Exciting.

One of my happiest moments in Penn State Abington is this time, when success continue to be a friend to me and my teammates. For two weeks in a row, we have been finishing first as a team, and I have finished 2nd. For another first time, I have received my first medal since joining the team. This is also my first medal ever in the U.S., Joy and excitement are at peak at this time.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed in anyway to making this a remarkable success in my life in Abington and in America as a whole. Starting from the athletic administration to my coach who went extra lengths and heights to make it possible for me to participate in the cross country meets. Indeed their labor has been tremendously fruitful.
To my teammates and friends, I say “ayekoo” which means “well done” in Ghanaian language. I never did it alone, we put our key into the key socket, and we turned the key and the door to success was opened. We made it as a team. We all are excited and lets keep the spirit high because we have more to accomplish! The Lions will continue to prey until they become no more. We are the Nittany Lions, we roar loud and strong!!!


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