“You haven’t posted in forever!!”

Today I got yelled at (in a nice way) by my boy friend and best friend for not having any new posts in awhile, two weeks to be exact. I apologize, but lets be serious – my fellow bloggers do a swell job at keeping you all entertained and informed! I haven’t even had time to stop and think about writing because I’ve been constantly doing something. This week has been studystudystudy! I have two exams tomorrow and one on friday and I’m trying to do well on all three. So wish me luck!

This weekend is THON’s first canning weekend and I can’t wait! I’m excited to see all the new members experience canning for the first time 🙂 Canning is a HUGE fundraiser for THON so if you see an Abington THONer out on the street this weekend, be sure to donate! Every penny helps, it all adds up to the amazing total that gets announced in February.

Well, I just wanted to drop by and let you all know I’m still alive! I hope all your classes are going well. Get pumped for the upcoming weeks, there are some HUGE events coming up that I’m sure the blog will be buzzing about!


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