Making School Work

Students STRUGGLE with college life on a daily basis….I have struggled…

How do you begin assuming responsibility?  How much responsibility is “too much”?  What if you mess up?  What about all the people depending on you?

While there’s no universally-agreed-upon formula for managing one’s time, energy, or personal resources, (to this point) I’ve found a few ways to make school work:

  • Focus on the “self” first and foremost – the Imagemore time you spend worrying about the negativity of others, the more difficult it becomes to appreciate life and its many wonders.
  • To the point above, still care about others – do good, and good things will come back to you, in exorbitance.
  • Know your limits – don’t EVER commit to somebody if there’s ANY CHANCE that you won’t be able to deliver…the only thing worse than being lethargic is being undependable.
  • Prioritize – as bad as it sounds, figure out when it’s appropriate to procrastinate…sometimes you need to delay one responsibility in order to satisfy another.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, put everything into perspective – is one bad quiz grade going to affect the rest of your life?…is one cynic going to follow you after college, naysaying your every move?…does one bad misstep define who you are?…put simply, no.

College can be the best time of your life, if you do everything to make the most of it.  As the famous, fictional philosopher, “Dirty” Joe Dirt once said, “you can’t have ‘no’ in your heart….life’s a garden, dig it!”


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