All U-Day

I spent the last weekend up at State College for All-U Day. I drove up on Friday morning and came home Sunday so I got to spend time with my boyfriend and go to the Football game.  I’ve been to several football games before but this time I sat in the student section in the S Zone! It was awesome being able to experience a game this way. From start to finish everyone in that area cheered as loud as they could and it was amazing to see the pride that everyone has for this University. I think one of my favorite parts of the game was everyone coming together and singing the alma mater, you could tell that it really means a lot to the students. At one point during the game something about alumni was on the screen and it hit me that in a couple of months I’m going to be part of the Penn State Alumni! It definitely made me think about how I want to experience everything I can before I graduate. I was so glad that I got to experience this before I graduated and I definitely recommend that if you have a chance to watch a football game that way then take it!

Panoramic photo of Beaver Stadium


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