Victory and Discovery.

Sufyan and GinaWhen everyone in a group lives up to their individual expectations, collectively, the result is always victorious. This time in Lancaster, Pa, both the men and women cross country team finished first. Both teams got a trophy, and T- shirts for top ten finishers. Personally, forthe first time, I am very proud to be part of the team that won a trophy for Penn State Abington. History has been recorded, and legacy has been created. I am delighted to have contributed to making this a resounding victory.
The unconditional support, and endless love we share as a team, cannot be divorced from the factors that accounted for our victory. We hope to extend our dominance and gallant performance to the rest of the meets, especially, the championship. The definition of the outcome, will be victory. I love all my teammates but my teammate of the week is Gina Montgomery, she finished second overall and first for Penn State Abington.


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