These Days That Make All The Work Worth It!

As you can probably tell, I’m extremely busy but before I started this semester I made a promise to myself that I was going to take

Charles Millard, found of the Four Diamonds Fund! Second time meeting him and I can’t get over what an amazing person he is!

time out and do things that I enjoy instead of always doing stuff for other people. Don’t get me wrong I love helping other people but it’s my last semester of college and I want to do things that I’m always going to remember rather than constantly working or being too

exhausted from work to do stuff. On Saturday I definitely had a day that I wouldn’t forget.

Since I found out about THON before my freshman year I had a huge passion for it. I know that my ultimate happiness is going to be from making a difference in someone else’s life and so I’m willing to donate so much time to this organization because it makes me extremely happy. If you don’t know THON donates their money to the Four Diamonds Fund out of Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital for the fight against pediatric cancer. On Saturday the Four Diamonds Fund had a party at Hershey Park to celebrate their 40th anniversary and show the new THON Documentary! One of my best friends, Melissa, who was the THON Chair the year before me asked me to go and when I saw that I didn’t have anything that day I jumped at the chance. I love everything that the Four Diamonds Fund does and will take any chance I get to spend time with people who have incredible strength.

Dylan… the coolest 12 year old!

We caught up with people we knew when we got there and then we went and talked to people we never met. We got to talk to the parents of Emily Whitehead, who is an amazing little girl that has more strength, than anyone I have ever seen. You can follow her story at  It was amazing to talk to her parents but what was the most incredible thing was seeing this little girl running around playing on the playground only months after having an intense battle with cancer and to know that the work that I put into THON had something to do with that.

Melissa was a counselor at Camp Can do over the summer and so I also got to meet a lot

of people that she met there. Among them was a 12 year old boy named Dylan. He was awesome and I loved hanging out with him. He had me laughing the entire time and it was great.

It was just such an amazing day and I’m so thankful that I surround myself with people that have the same passion for helping people as I do. I’m hoping to have more days like Saturday because I literally could not stop smiling all day.


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