A Balanced Week

Another great week, started so well as classes are getting interesting and more detailed. I can say I am familiarizing myself more with classmates and instructors. This to me, is a tonic for both academic progression and extension of connections with friends and prospective associates.

Students Government Association is getting better and stronger, and its membership is mushrooming, this tells me it will not only keep getting interesting and educating but also, it will be challenging. Therefore I have tighten my belt to respond to my individual responsibility so that collectively, we continue to make Penn State Abington a better choice to all.

Another progression this past weekend was Abington’s Cross Country team’s consistency in the first Penn State Abington Invitational meet. I am proud to have progressively ended up amongst the top ten again, and I appreciate my teammates’ efforts. Collectively we ended up in the third place. Hopefully better days are ahead 🙂


3 responses to “A Balanced Week

  1. Sufyan is the greatest guy I ever met in Abington. He is always willing to help. Sufyan !! Your AWEsoME :]

  2. This is awesome and well written. Indeed its amazing to see the new members of SGA,THON,Leap and all the other clubs are getting involved as joining these organizations make you a better individual.

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