Event Planning…There’s always something

Today was the first day of Discover Service Week, which is the week of events that I have been planning for my internship to educate the campus about service opportunities and to get people involved in small service projects. Going into the week I felt like I was prepared but since I’m not new to event planning I knew that something always goes wrong the day of the event. Today was no different. I get to campus and get things started, with help from some pretty awesome people, and things were going smoothly. I go to leave to go to Target for some last minute shopping and when I get to my car I find a parking ticket for leaving my car outside Lares while unloading items for the event. As if that wasn’t enough, I go to turn on my car and the battery is dead. I quickly found a different way to Target and realized if that was the worst thing that would happen to me this week then it will be a pretty good week. Luckily the event turned out great so it was a good start to the week!

Be sure to come out to the rest of the events of Discover Service Week or donate a book or toy to kids in need! The collection boxes can be found in Lares, Sutherland and Woodland!


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