Memorable start of fall semester.

SufyanAnother blissful season, the fall semester has just began and I can already feel the atmosphere filled with lots learning and exciting activities. This includes both on and off campus events. The Penn State annual Students Leadership Conference, which was held in Penn State Harrisburg, in August 2012, marked the beginning of this semester’s learning and exciting experience for me. It couldn’t be more worth learning and exciting to spend more than a day with student leaders from almost all the twenty campuses of Penn State. After going through series of learning and exciting activities, aimed at nurturing good student leaders for Penn State, and prospectively, producing future leaders for the society, I can confidently say, that I have gained a lot, and as a student leader, I have more to share with my club and Penn State Abington.

Consistently, the learning experience and excitement continued, as the presidents retreat was held outside campus. Presidents of various clubs on campus exhibited their unique leadership skills, thus creating a breeding ground for enriching ones mind and enlarging ones talent. It also re-ignited my sense of pride and belongingness to Penn State Abington, as the presidents were from almost all parts of the world. In fact, it was an accurate definition of diversity. The Involvement Fair was yet another exciting event. At this point, I believe I flew into Penn State Abington as a butterfly, but now, my wings have grown stronger and stronger, and I can fly with birds to higher heights.


One response to “Memorable start of fall semester.

  1. This is beautifully written. I know this is old but its great to see you’re fitting in great in Penn State Abington.

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