Just Say, “Yes”


In the famous eighties’ classic, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, a dull high school teacher apathetically calls attendance with less-than-modest success…we’ve all been there.

University President, Dr. Rodney Erickson speaks to the University Faculty Senate Tuesday, August 28th

This Tuesday, I attended the first University Faculty Senate meeting of the school year in State College, Pennsylvania.  As the members of the University Planning Committee filtered into the conference room, the Committee Chair asked if anyone would voluntarily take minutes, or notes, for the meeting.  After a few uncomfortably silent seconds passed, I raised my hand in acquiescence.  Me, a Student Senator, taking minutes?  Had this ever happened before?

Later that day, at the Student Senators Caucus – a meeting of all twenty-six Student Senators – I recounted, to a few friends, what had happened earlier in the Committee meeting.  When we reached the point on the agenda titled, “Commonwealth Chair Elections,” I was graciously nominated for the open position.  Once again, I did not balk at the opportunity, and I was subsequently elected.

This is how I live my life.

This is how I have hours’ worth of stories and anecdotes to tell.

I live life with no regrets (read: minimal regrets) because I say, “yes,” to as many opportunities I can.

THAT is my secret to living a life full of satisfaction and getting as much out of college as possible, my secret to being…me!

Just say, “YES!”


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