My 23rd first day of school..

..including pre-K & then the first day of each college semester, of course.

So, my last first day of school actually was today, not Monday.  I only have four classes this semester, three of them being TR and one being on Friday.  It was weird not having class yesterday, and I think it’s going to take some getting used to not being at school 2 days a week.

Today was overall a pretty awesome day! I started my day in the Lions Den (the SGA / club office) and then headed to my first class, Art History 111 with a handful of friends, which seems like a pretty good class.  After that I went to my English senior seminar class with Dr. Mustazza which is probably the class I’m most excited for! The theme for the class is “Madness in Literature” and with Dr. Mustazza’s awesome lectures filled with movie clips and power points it is definitely going to be a good class.

I spent common break in the Lares Café with friends, catching up and eating lunch. Then I had to head over to Rydal for my final class of the day, Soc001, which I think will be an interesting course. Our first assignment is to stand in a public place for 30 minutes and do nothing. Absolutely nothing but stand there. People will probably think I am one strange person, haha.

I would say my first day was a success! What about you? Hope you all have a wonderful semester! Remember, it’s what you make of it. Abington has TONS to offer, don’t be shy 🙂


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