My Last First Day of School

Wow I can’t believe my last first day of school is over and in 115 days I will be graduating! I had a good start to the semester. This past weekend was the Presidents’ Retreat at the Conference Center and I got to attend as the Intern for Student Life! The Presidents’

The Lion Productions Manager presenting at the President’s Retreat!

Retreat is a chance for the club presidents to get acquainted with all the things they need to know to be prepared for a successful year for their club. I loved every second of it because I got to know some really amazing people who are going to make really great leaders! I was able to learn a lot not just from the presentations but from the people that were there.

Today I started my internship, it is going to be a lot of work but I know I’m going to get so much out of it. So far I’ve really been working on the Involvement Fair. It is this Wednesday and Thursday during Common Break. I will be at the Fall Fest Table so I’m hoping to get a lot of people signed up. Be sure to go and get involved in the different clubs on campus! We have so much to offer. So there will be something for everyone.

This semester I will also we working for Lion Productions. If you don’t know Lion Productions does the sound and lighting for student events on campus. I will be doing a lot of their scheduling but I also get to learn how to use the equipment. I can’t wait to start doing this because it’s a new thing that I can learn that could make me a more valuable employee.

As you can probably see I have a much different role on campus this semester and I will be writing about that as I head towards graduation. I hope everyone has a great first week of school and is ready to have a great semester!


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