Huh? What is that?

As a Peer Assistant for the FYE Program, when talking to Freshman the thing that comes up the most is that we use a lot of acronyms, shorten a lot of words and say a lot of stuff that people don’t know. It can be very confusing for people new to the campus or new to Penn State especially when most people are so used to saying them that they don’t realize some people don’t understand. So I decided it would be helpful to put together a list of commonly used terms to make the first months at Abington a little easier for all the new people out there.

CB or Common Break: Common Break is a time everyday when no classes are going on. Typically all meetings and a lot of events are held during this time. Monday, Wednesday, Friday it is 12:00-1:00 and Tuesday, Thursday it is 12:15-1:14.

Lubert Commons or 108: The room with the big glass windows right when you walk inside of Lares. A lot of events are held in this room.

FYE Class: First Year Engagement is a program that freshman can take where they have a peer assistant to help you get adjusted to college.

Lion’s Den: Offices for the clubs on campus. Located in Lares across from the nurses office down the stairs.

 Elion: Website where you go for everything relating to Penn State (get tuition bill, schedule classes, check grades, look at your degree audit, etc.).

Angel: Depending on your professor you may use this to communicate, get assignments, see your current grade, etc..

Webmail: This is where you check your Penn State email which you should be doing at least twice a day!

Drop/Add: This is the first 10 days that you can drop or add classes. After this time they will be taken from your late drop credits. Remember these dates for the fall semester….*Regular drop deadline-September 5 *Regular add deadline-September 6 at 8am.

Late Drop Credits: Each student gets 16 late drop credits. Once you use these credits you can not get more and will either have to withdrawal from the entire semester or take the grade that you earned. If you withdrawal from the class the grade does not get factored into your GPA. *Late Drop Deadline-November 16.

Degree Audit: A degree audit is a personalized academic planning tool detailing graduation requirements, required courses, and your progress towards completion of a Penn State degree.

Adviser: As a first- or second-year student, your intended major will determine whether your adviser is a professional or faculty member.  Professional advisers are located in the Advising Center, 224 Sutherland, and are well qualified to help you reach your academic goals. They advise mainly first- and second-year students. Faculty advisers usually advise students already in majors, but in some cases, they advise students heading toward specific majors within a college. To find out who your advisor is Go to eLion. Select “Adviser Information” or look on the first page of your Degree Audit.

Remember if there is something else you don’t understand then do not hesitate to ask someone around you! Everyone is here to help and we want you to love Penn State Abington just as much as all of us do! If you have any questions as you are reading this just leave a comment. 🙂


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