Alpha Kappa Lambda

Possibly one of the most odd quotes  I’ve ever heard came from a young man on CNN telling the world that this generation needed more heroes like John Wayne. His words struck me as particularly preposterous because of all the figures he could have chosen to represent valor, he chose the one that doesn’t actually exist. John Wayne was an actor, and however well he sold the noble cowboy on the silver screen a thick fabric of fictionalism separated his righteous revolver of justice from our troubled streets. On a deeper level, that news commentator was communicating that our culture isn’t looking at real people, but at images; we’ve replaced the symbolized with the symbol

Though the symbols of AKL are only a picture of what’s possible in a fraternity, these men are dedicated to making that image a reality.

This leaves people with a strange sense of principle. When our idols are pictures, moving images in movies and television, who around us is left to make an impact? At Penn State Abington a new group is stepping up to make that difference. The first philanthropic fraternity on campus, Alpha Kappa Lambda is a collection of  students dedicated to both the attitude and action necessary to making a positive difference on campus. Founded on nothing more than the desire to see growth within and outside the fraternity, AKL will be working this upcoming year both in reaching out to the Abington campus and the surrounding community through outreach programs, socials, and service.

If you’re interested in pledging to AKL, or would like to know more about what the fraternity will be up to, “like” the group on facebook at


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