Every generation has certain key words that speak to their time, the paradigm influencing everything from fashion to political interest. For those growing up in the 1950’s those phrases were “nuclear war” and “communism in our midst.” The following generation grew up with “the draft” and a famous sentence beginning with the words “This is one small step for man…” Our generation will forever recognize the numbers “9-11” as well as the loaded words “economic climate.” It’s that climate shaping our view of college, tainting our perspective of the world waiting on the other side of a diploma.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or your degree in biology just came back from the framers, we’ve all heard that getting a job is tough, and in this economy we should be lucky to find anything. While I agree that times are tough, I don’t entirely buy the miasma of doom and gloom; it feels spread on a little too thick to be true.

Amongst all the screaming voices, what will you do to get noticed?

Instead of eradication, the job market seems to be undergoing a process of evolution. The rules of the game are changing from uniformity to diversity. This is the era of standing out from the crowd. Gone are the days when employers looked for “another business man”, replaced by a call for something new, someone to bring new skills, thoughts, and abilities to the table. What will future employers find your identity in? Will you be an innovator, a personality, or just another team player?


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