Sunny Summer Afternoons

Yesterday, the Camden Riversharks hosted Penn State and THON for their minor league baseball game, donating a percentage of every ticket to THON and incorporating Penn State into their daily fun. Every kind of student, including those from University Park campus, Abington campus, and incoming freshmen came out to enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and baseball. Even players from the Riversharks joined in the fun, talking to the students and tossing up autographed balls whenever their manager wasn’t looking.

Who says the Nittany Lion only likes Football?

Perfect days like yesterday are always to be cherished, and show that college life doesn’t exist strictly within the confines of campus. Regardless of who knew who, everyone was friends with the most serious goal being how to best relax on a sunny summer afternoon.

Though I’d always recognized the concept, yesterday it really sunk in that we carry Penn State with us wherever we go. When we come together, we represent something more than ourselves; we are a small piece of the campus that we rally under. This gives us a responsibility to represent our campus in the best light we can, certainly. But it also gives us the ability to carry that spirit of amiability, of ease and laughter we as Penn State students know so well outward, whether that be to our friends, family, or the people sitting next to us at a ball game.


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