“More Realistic”

“The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you do it with style.”

-Fat Charlie Nancy

No one consciously shoots for the bronze. It’s only when the going gets tough we settle for less than the best, passively swallowing whatever shallow soup life spoons us. As a new semester quickly approaches, each of us set lofty goals for ourselves, declaring with post-it notes and facebook status’ we will be earning a 4.0 this semester, or will be the new club president. I’ve watched these aspirations be fulfilled many times, and many more times fall flat. More often than not a dream is dismissed as “childish”, and with a small sarcastic smirk the dreamer turns their attention back to what new status they can make to impress their friends.

What goals do you actually want to set for yourself this semester?

This is hard to see, partly because no one ends up happy when someone gives up because their goal fell short or was too difficult, but also because we deem the subsequently mediocre results to be “more realistic.” They aren’t. Not everything that we set our minds to is going to come out to be a smashing success. I began my college career as a business major and struggled through every class. I’ve bombed on stage and faced rejection on many different fronts. But these weren’t because the world was against me. I’ve learned that success only comes when I begin doing what I know and actually want to accomplish, and then do it with confidence. Perhaps the reason that we give up on dreams so easily is because they aren’t our dreams at all, but what we think our dreams ought to be.


2 responses to ““More Realistic”

  1. Hi Carter, I have read your blog entries this summer and have to respond. You are an amazing writer! The eloquent, straight-forward way you express your thoughts, especially but not exclusively regarding the Sandusky matter, has me saying out loud, “Right on!” (I know that is such an out of date phrase, but hey, I’m gettin’ old!) You have quite the talent & ability, I am so impressed. Mrs. D (Jenny & Mike’s mom)

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