Which path should I take?

After Graduation. Those are scary words. You come in as a freshman thinking that you have a lot of time until you have to think about what you’ll be doing after graduation and that really isn’t the case. I think being a Business major with a Marketing/Management

College is the time to decide what path you will take.

Option can be a little more stressful sometimes. Most other majors know what they will be doing when they graduate. Not that they have a job but they know where to look. Education majors are going to look at schools, Accounting majors will look at accounting firms, and Nursing majors will look at hospitals. Where do I even start as a Business major? Everything is a business and it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down exactly what you want to do.. Don’t get me wrong after being the THON Chair and being so active on campus I know that business is the right fit for me but now I’m trying to really find out what part of business I want to do. Do I want to work my way up in management at a large corporation, do I want to do marketing for a local business or do I want to work in event planning. I’m hoping my internship gives me some clarification of which direction I really want to go.


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