Penn State Proud

These past months I have kept my opinion to myself with everything that is going on. I’m not one to say my opinion publicly because I respect that everyone is allowed to feel differently about every situation. I’m not writing this to say my opinion about who I think deserves punishments and who I think did something wrong.

Penn State students fill the BJC to work together to beat pediatric cancer! You can’t find anything else like this in the world!

The reason that I am writing this is to recognize all of the amazing things that Penn State played a part in. These are the reasons that I’m proud of this University and will continue to be.

– Penn State is home to the world’s largest student run philanthropy. An organization that has raised over $78 million for the fight against pediatric cancer, and an organization that I’m extremely proud to be a part of!

-The man who started the Macintosh project got his computer sciences degree at PSU.

-Penn State has 19 athletes and coaches competing in the Olympics in London this year!

-The vaccine for cervical cancer was developed with research by Penn State’s College of Medicine.

-Legislation demanding safe, labeled foods was based on PSU’s research.

-The heart pump to help heart attack victims was invented at Penn State.

-More people have learned to make ice cream at Penn State than anywhere else.

For these reasons and many, many more, I am Penn State Proud and I hope that all of you are proud to be part of such an amazing University. Penn State has given me so many opportunities and has prepared me for my future. We have amazing faculty and staff and a student body who excels whether it is in philanthropy, athletics, or in the classroom.  I love being a part of the Penn State family! I am and always will be Penn State Proud!


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