Why do we look up to heroes? What makes the man or woman willing to stand out from the crowd a source of inspiration, a cue to everyone else to  show that same loyalty and courage? Penn State is currently undergoing a massive paradigm shift, gazes are turning from faces once held in the highest regard as more truths, once swept into the shadows are thrown into the open. But this does not mean that we as a University are left without heroes, it means that in any time as tumultuous as this new sources of bravery are quickly rising to the surface all around us.

Loyalty is the power to stand together.
Courage is the power to keep standing.

Bill O’Brien has stepped into the main leadership role of Penn State’s football program, regardless of the naysayers and heavy restrictions placed upon the football program. Faculty and staff have shown themselves to be nothing but dedicated to the principles and pride of Penn State. Students too have come out together, arm in arm, to say no matter what happens, we are Penn State, always.

Don’t get lost in the statistics. Sixty million dollars is a lot of money, but Penn State’s profit is not found solely in its revenue, but in its people. Losing our football record is tough, but the men’s lives shaped by their years at Beaver Stadium can never be vacated. Years from now, Penn State will be a different place for certain, but while the faces will change, the dedication to students, courage, and its heroes never will.


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