The Trick

Have you noticed that the whole trick to juggling is to keep your hands moving, but think as little as possible about the balls flying through the air? I can’t seem to do it, but watching someone else casually flip more bowling pins than they have hands seems the most casual thing in the world to them. The same applies to keeping up with college, work, family, and a social life. Sure, things may get a little hectic, but with a little self-acceptance day-to-day life can be as manageable as tossing brightly colored

Unless you’re this guy, you’ve probably faced the moment when you understand the meaning of “too much.”


The hardest step for many people, myself included, is accepting what I can and cannot do. When I start pushing myself unnecessarily everything goes downhill, hardly anything is meaningful, and less than that is getting done well. It can be tempting to think that with only fifteen hours in the classroom every week a part time job will be easy, but each of those hours come with the responsibility of independent studying. Perhaps take a semester off from work or cut back on hours, get the lay of the land to see exactly what it’s going to take to get your educational career off on the right foot.

The first things that go when things get too hectic are oftentimes the most important; sleep, time with family, and for some strange reason going to class. You’re paying for some of the most expensive years of your life, and should therefore make the most of them.


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