Ripple Effect

“The Ripple Effect” is probably one of the most overused metaphors in every movie, book, song, and brochure pamphlet.  It wasn’t until I found myself surrounded by smiling and waving patrons in the Glenside 4th of July parade that I understood what this cliché really meant, and how it applies to my campus. It didn’t matter if it was four year olds, eighty year olds, or alumni from another campus entirely; everyone loved the lion, and everything that was Penn State.

Future Penn Staters, everyone loves the lion.

It was a great honor to walk in the parade, not to mention a total blast. The dedication and love of Penn State goes beyond parades; we as students represent our college every time we step out the door. We aren’t just “college kids”, we are “Penn Staters”, and what we do reflects not only on us, but the university we ourselves love.

With hundreds of years of tradition and growth under its belt, Penn State still comes back to its students every time. We are ambassadors among our homes, friends, and even other campus’ to show that we as Abington students carry the integrity of the Penn State name. This is super cool, because one day we are going to be alumni, and the Penn State name will follow us through the rest of our lives. Don’t we want the ripple effect that we trigger by our actions that come back to us years from now to be one of pride for the university we call our own?


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