Getting involved = Best College Experience

College is supposed to be this time that you never forget and going to a commuter campus that can be a little more challenging– you

Because I was involved, I have so many great memories in the Lion’s Den just hanging out in between classes with friends.

don’t have friends that live next door, or a roommate that you can stay up all night talking to. So how do you make this the experience of your life, something you’ll never forget? My answer is get involved. Coming into Penn State, I was quiet and didn’t know anyone. My first semester I had days when I just went to class and went home, sat in the library in between classes or just talked to a couple people I met. Was there anything memorable about those days? Absolutely not. The things that I remember most and the things that will stick out when I think back to college are the times that I went to events or meetings on campus. They are the times that I remember laughing so hard that I cried or ended up in the hospital (it did happen, long story). It’s because of the clubs that I’m in that I was able to create unforgettable moments and found friends that I will have the rest of my life. I would have never had that if I just went to class and went home every day. And shouldn’t college be a time filled with moments that you want to look back on? Trust me, you won’t have many of those moments if you don’t get involved and do things on campus.


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