Sweden has really only left two major impacts on American culture; IKEA furniture and ABBA. While I can really only rattle off a few lyrics to “Dancing Queen”, IKEA furniture has become a symbol of my last few years. Where ever life takes me, IKEA furniture can fold-up, collapse, and unscrew to follow me. After moving up to State College, and now looking at coming back to Abington, I’ve learned about how adaptable I need to be, just like an IKEA chair.


Downtown State College; the small town where a whole lot is always going on.

So many incoming freshman that I speak to have already made the decision to spend two years at Abington and two at University Park. This is the path that I took, and have enjoyed the adventure of moving from the small town paradigm of Abington to the big city of State College. But this is not the path for everyone, and the last thing anyone should do while making decision as large as where to spend their college years is by looking at “what everyone else does.” Penn State Abington offers sixteen majors that can be completed in four years, in addition to transferring programs in their biology department with Thomas Jefferson University.

Life never follows the terms that we set out for it, and that’s what makes it worth living. Whether you’re pumped to live in Happy Valley, or wish life could wait just a few more years, your education should adhere to your needs, not the other way around.


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