Two of my roommates (from the left) Adam Clemens and Dan Gutekunst. (Not pictured Tim Dwyer and Ray Wambold.)

Living with roommates for the first time has probably been one of the most humbling experiences of my life. After spending a year at University Park and living off campus with four other guys I’ve learned that so much of what we take for granted in life does not come as naturally as a hot plate of food prepared by mom. With an increasing amount of students living in apartments surrounding the campus, Penn State Abington’s off campus life is rapidly developing into a culture of students learning to live together, figuring out exactly what being a “roommate” means.

For every horror story told about roommates, five great experiences are thrown under the rug, ignored in lieu of the hilarity of dysfunctional bunk-mates. I’ve loved my roommates. Though we are all very different, we’ve figured out that living together can be something positive, rather than just endurable. One trick that I’ve learned that’s so easily overlooked is to always ask before, never after. It doesn’t matter if it’s having people over or borrowing a glass of milk, everyone prefers a text asking permission than a sticky-note with an IOU.

Though living is off-campus and apartments are independently run, Abington students have found their own system for day to day life on their own near campus. If you have questions about finding a place to live, or the broad topic that is roommate life, contact Tracy Reed in student life at


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