Life is unpredictable. Try as we might, roadblocks, detours, and flat-out breakdowns happen all the time. Everyone has a different piece of advice for dealing with stress, loss, or pain, but each all come down to the same things; don’t be passive and don’t go it alone. Yes, college is about taking on greater independence, but emancipation does not equal isolation.

Students who have seen that sometimes just being there makes all the difference in the world.

When life gets tough, Abington doesn’t leave you high and dry. A Place to Talk, an organization run through Abington in the Lares Building is always open for students to come in and speak with either professionals or other students dedicated to helping when the rough patches  get in the way of what should be some of the best years of your life. Among these student leaders is Courtney Chappelle, a fellow orientation leader and friend who’s positive dedication to Abington’s community I’ve witnessed firsthand.

Also available is the school chaplain, Mr. Polk, who has always opened his door to students. Each person at Abington is motivated to helping, to making a difference on campus, and not just collecting a paycheck twice a month. Each staff member, student, and friend has recognized that no one is an island, and that life is too much for one person to handle alone so therefore no one should.  Everything is handled confidentially, and whether you’re looking for an open ear or physical help, no one with the courage to walk in the doors is turned away.


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