Lime Light

I was there that Thursday night in early November when Penn State transformed for a few hours in the presence of tragedy. What had been blurry confusion about Jerry Sandusky, board members, and who knew what suddenly took shape in the form of Joe Paterno’s firing announced on television screens taller than any person and able to silence a building of students in one fell sentence.

Since then, the media has thrown its share of opinions about Penn State through the Sandusky Scandal. Now that the trial has started, once quelled conversations have been reignited as voices vie to be heard. I am proud to call myself a Penn State Student regardless of who didn’t do what, or what the media has said about the student body. The truth is that, yes, bad decisions will always be found among any body of people. We aren’t perfect and will never claim to be. But among that same group of people you will find those dedicated to making a truly positive impact.

At Penn State, THAT is what it’s all about.

I saw some of the best in people that November night. Those who went to the Paterno’s house to support the man who had given his whole life to the University show hope in a generation written blind by news articles and ignorance. As the trial develops this summer, Penn State will again be thrown in the lime light, but remember that Penn State will always stand for the good in its students and their responsibilities in a growing world.


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