My dad grills the best fish I’ve ever tasted, and am willing to bet a perfectly charred tilapia his will be the best I’ll ever have. Coming home reminds me that my parents do so much for me even though I’m more independent. Transitioning between high school and college will change the parent/ young adult relationship, and that’s a good thing! We’re all evolving rapidly into professionals, ready to head out into the world. But let’s be humble for a moment and admit that while we’re still living at home our parents still play a major role in our lives.

Let’s be real, my parent’s first priority is to see me turn that tassle one day.

To help with this adjustment, my parents and I talked about what was important to keep each other in the loop about. They wanted me to have more independence, but still needed to be sure that I was on the right track academically. In all fairness, they’re covering the vast percentage of my tuition, I think they have the right to know I’m passing calculus class. I told them it was important that my time was my own to get involved with what I wanted on campus. They’ve respected that, showing that honesty has made for a stable cornerstone in college.

If you’re getting ready for college, or just need to find some common ground with your folks, have that honest conversation. See what common ground you can find so they can rest easy knowing you’re making the right decisions between the hours of breakfast and dinner.


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