Summer Classes

The one thing about taking summer classes is that it’s sometimes hard to go to things because I have class Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Though I have work to get done for classes I’m trying to enjoy my summer as best as possible because this is, after all,

Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore

my last summer as a student. So far, I have gone to Dorney Park, explored Philadelphia, went to 2 Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park and 1 in Baltimore. I love the area that we live in because there is so much to do and see without having to drive a long time to get there. It’s so nice to just decide the day before that you want to go somewhere.  The one thing that I haven’t done yet that I’m hoping I’ll be able to soon is go to the shore. I don’t think I’ll be taking any vacations this summer but in January when I’m a Penn State Alum I’ll get to go to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show so I’m really looking forward to that. What have all of you been doing with your summer? Where are all the faculty, students and alumni at?


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