Turn off your xBox

Last time I talked about our hometowns, and the most common comment I hear about any city is that there is nothing to do in any of them. This happens regardless if the persecutor is from Hillsview, South Dakota (population three, I’m not kidding!) or Philly itself. But I’ve watched the Travel Channel, traveled a little myself, and come to the conclusion that this assumption is about as accurate me trying to teach organic chemistry.

There’s plenty to do in Abington, even if you are under twenty-one. If you have a car, all the better. If not, don’t sweat it, just memorize that bus schedule or make a friend with a roomy mini-van. The Warrington 22 movie theater is a ten minute drive down Easton road from campus. I’m a summertime fun kind of guy, and there is a classic fifties diner combined with a mini golf course called Nifty Fifties on Grant Ave, about twenty minutes from campus (also a great place to bring a date for a reasonable price).

The old school mini-van, great for picking up friends, strangers, or just to cruise around and let people know you never really forgot 1994.

The culture is all around you. Meet people, find their niche of life that they call home. Wander Philadelphia one day. Go to a concert. Attend a Saturday Abington event like Homecoming. Truth be told there is never a dull day, and in order to find the party all you have to do is turn off the xBox, open your front door and start walking.


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