Everyone knows they hail from the best hometown. It doesn’t matter if you hail from Bensalem, Brazil, or my hometown of Dallas; everyone can tell you why their home is the greatest. Occasionally, someone will get competitive about it, especially if sports are involved, but as a whole people tend to be respectful. The same applies to your major.

Everyone has a suggestion. I haven’t talked to an engineer who didn’t think they were going to do great things, and they probably are. But so are the art students finding their medium, those in education who want nothing more than to make a difference in children’s lives, and the psychology majors getting to the root of how the mind really functions. I found my home in English, it only took me a semester to realize that my passion lay in writing. Once that became apparent to me my path was clear as day.

Maybe you know what words you want on that fancy diploma, maybe you have no clue. Try things out, see what fits and one day it’ll hit you that a major isn’t what you can do, but what you SHOULD do. No matter what your high school experience looked like, or if you think you came from a crummy hometown, your major is a chance to define yourself in a way that no person or place can. So tune out all the noise and statistics and look at what a cool future your options hold.


2 responses to “Hometown

  1. I was going to be an English Ed major, until I realized I only “kind of” liked my ed classes. It’s not like I wasn’t passionate about changing kids lives and stuff, I just felt more passionate about learning about Shakespeare, Milton, and Aristotle.

    • I have a passion for English as well and completely understand where you’re coming from. Everyone can do great things with their talents, and while you’re life may not take you on the route of Education, that does not at all diminish your capabilities in changing the lives of people around you for the better. Thank you for the feedback 🙂

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