Well, the decision has been made; I will be coming back to Penn State Abington as a full time student in the Fall of 2013. I have been looking at some of my different options and have decided to come back and pick up a double major in English and Corporate Communication with minors in Business and Philosophy. It’s a mouthful for me too.

Penn State Abington is actually the only campus that features the Corp Comm major, and as I’m doing a fifth year of college living at home and paying Abington’s reduced tuition fees (as opposed to University Park) will make this financially viable. I’m excited, University Park has been good to me, but it was never really home. I’m going to have the opportunity to take on a mentorship with an Abington alumni when I come back and even do an independent study my fifth year.

I suppose the biggest surprise was the flexibility of the university system. I went to Abington for two years, transitioned to University Park, and now I want to come back not one person has said “hold on, make up your mind, kid.” I’ll be pulling a few 19 credit semesters soon, but honestly it all feels worth it because this time two years from now I’ll be out in the job market with with a resume that I feel best represents myself. To me, THAT is what it’s all about.

Looks like this’ll be my banner again!


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