World Campus…A Bit Different

When scheduling my classes I decided to take my science class through world campus. Let me fill you in— I HATE SCIENCE. I was never good at it and it always just left me frustrated. I was looking for classes and saw an Environment and Energy class through World Campus (EGEE 101) and thought that this might be better than bio or chemistry. I was definitely nervous to start this class, not only because I hate science but also because I have never taken a class through world campus before.

So what I’ve decided is that I don’t mind taking the class online, it gives me a chance to get work done ahead of time, learn wherever I am (I went to get an oil change and read a chapter on my iPhone) and I don’t have my normal 30 minute commute. The class itself is so so for me.  Some of the material I like to learn about such as efficiency of light bulbs and what ways you should heat your house but other things I could live without. Overall I would recommend taking an online campus during the summer but I think with a full semester of credits it might be a little more stressful. If I can answer any questions about taking a class through world campus let me know. 🙂


One response to “World Campus…A Bit Different

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It can be tough, at times, to manage a World Campus course on your schedule as an already busy student. Be sure to consult with your Abington adviser or a World Campus adviser if you have any questions!

    Matt Rupert–World Campus Academic Adviser

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