Abington is a pretty indie campus. Not the kind of indie associated with urban outfitters clothing and organic coffee beans, but the kind that’s a source for original, independent art and creativity. The artistic scene draws influences from Philadelphia and the neighboring communities, cultivating writing, theater, visual arts, and music. It’s lying just beneath the surface, it’s alive, and it’s cool.

Woodland lobby shows off student’s art, a collection of paintings, drawing, and ceramics done over the past few years. One particular band on this campus, a group including Abington students Bill Caine and Lou Iatarola produce a kind of art easily overlooked by the mainstream community, yet has developed a following unto its own. Their metalcore band, Favor the Brave has played for the “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “A November to Remember” tours with other metalcore outfits. Check out their hit song, “Rochelle” below!

Abington provides awesome opportunities to get your name as an artist out there, but you have to take the initiative. The Abington Review publishes poets, writers, and photographers every year. The Lion Showcase competition every spring is the perfect place to show off your performing skills, if you’ve got the guts to stand on stage! If you’re an artist you understand the value of taking chances, and who knows? If you’re cool enough you may end up on the Penn State blog!


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