Never been on stage before? Want to try?

Looking back, I wish that I had been more adventurous with my academics. Now that senior year is on the horizon my course load is much more strict and there is no room to just explore! One of my favorite college experiences was taking Japanese during my sophomore year even though I decided not to continue with it. I had always thought the language was fascinating and the class challenged me in ways that no other ever had before. I’m so glad I took the risk, and honestly, when else in your life are you going to get to take a chance like that?

As graduation suddenly looms out from behind the mortarboards I’m realizing how many opportunities I still want to try my hands at. Just scroll through the list of courses and immediately there will pop out so many subjects that I wish I knew more about. The Penn State system offers everything from entomology to woodcarving, how cool is that?

Sure, the main focus of college is to complete a major and leave trained in your field. But there is room to explore and take chances that could lead to something great. Four years is not a lot of time to try out everything that college offers, and even if your interest don’t lie in classes there are plenty of sports and clubs to try out. Where’s the fun in going to college if you come out the same person that you started as?


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