Week 2

I’m now into my second week of the first summer session and have realized that there are a lot of similarities from fall and spring but

Even the Lion’s Den is looking pretty empty.

there are a lot of differences. For me, I think the biggest difference is that I feel a lot more laid back in these classes. I don’t know if it is just because of the classes I’m taking or the fact that I don’t have a billion things going on like I typically do but it seems a lot less stressful. It is also very strange looking at the syllabus and only seeing that you have 4 classes–it kind of makes it more relieving. I think the big thing and good for me is that you can’t procrastinate in these classes. With only a month and a half you can’t just wait to get things done. Other than that it’s like any old semester. Campus can seem a little empty sometimes but I’m actually really enjoying taking classes in the summer because otherwise I think I would be really bored. I feel a lot more productive when I’m doing stuff.


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