What do you think about clubs getting involved in the community? One of Abington’s strongest aspects is the clubs that contribute to the campus every year. It’s fantastic when organizations reach out to the student body, so often though the clubs act as single entities. SGA represents the student body, THON collects money for kids with cancer, etc. These are all great things, though self-contained. Would it be possible to break that mold, encouraging clubs to join, not as “COW and FLAGSA” but representing “Penn State Abington” outside the campus to make a difference in the community?

Yes, I know that COW (Community Outreach Workers) does work in our neighboring towns, and they do it well. My goal is not to step on toes, but to look at the idea that all clubs could be doing something just as meaningful. Every club does something different well; FLAGSA (the GLBTA association) best reaches a completely different group of people than SASA (South Asian Student Association) and as a student body we ought to utilize that!

During my first orientation the question was posed “what kind of legacy will you leave at Abington?” I think a follow up question should be, “what kind of legacy will Abington leave on the community?” It looks like I will be coming back to Abington for a fifth year, and I want to make it count. I’d like to know your thoughts on this, because the sums of ideas are always better than a single part!

The board in the back reading “expect excellence” says it all.


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